We are committed to keeping your data secure

We take our responsibility for data processing, security and the privacy of our users very seriously

We are GDPR compliant

We always assume the role as data processor for you as a customer/data controller. We ensure that the collection and processing of data follow your instructions, as well as relevant EU legislation including GDPR and the Swedish Data Protection legislation.

User anonymity is key in &frankly

We are committed to ensure and safeguard the individual user's privacy and the right to their own data. All answers in &frankly are anonymous to you as a company – and we abide each individual's rights per GPDR.

We follow global standards

We follow an information security management system based on ISO27001, an information security policy, and best practices from OWASP, NIST and others, with employees holding CISSP certifications and good knowledge of secure development processes.

We always use encryption

We ensure that data is encrypted at rest and in transit, securely stored in our data centers in EU/ESS, provided by Amazon Web Services. We protect our servers through e.g. firewalls/IDS/IDP and strict access control, with assurance of traceability and high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery.

99,9% uptime

We put great pride in delivering a service that is always accessible and responsive for our customers, and offer SLAs for customers requiring it. We also believe in transparency so you can always see our uptime, updates and maintenance we perform at &frankly here.