Create a great work environment

Ensure everyone feels safe and happy at your workplace to foster employee engagement.

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A healthy work environment is the basis for employee engagement

Engaged employees feel good - physically and mentally. A healthy and safe work environment is a prerequisite for productivity. That's why it's so important to work proactively with ensuring everyone feels happy and safe at work. &frankly can help you with that.

What our customers do

"We reversed the negative trend with &frankly"

Indistinct structures and high stress levels among employees. These were a few of Lars-Olof Moberg’s challenges when he took over as Regional Manager. But with the help of &frankly, he was able to locate the problems and create dialog, which made it possible to solve issues together. 

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From insights to actions!

&frankly gives you an effective tool to help you proactively improve your work environment

Develop your work environment

Work with questions surrounding your work environment in real-time. Identify shortcomings and areas of improvement to drive employee engagement.

Understand and act

Ask in-depth questions so that your employees have the opportunity to describe their perception of the work environment. Use the insights to act on things that have to be improved. 

Take intentional action

Rectify the things that need to be improved and trigger behaviors that create and maintain a healthy work environment.

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Increase well-being

Take the pulse of your organization

Working on a continuous basis with questions and insights in &frankly enables you to understand how employees perceive their work environment. This lets you act proactively when you detect problems.

  • Obtain insights to take action in real time
  • Trigger behavior change
  • Track changes over time
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Get started easily and quickly

With &frankly long implementation processes and lead times are but a memory. Instead you obtain:

  • 200 starting questions based on the seven drivers of employee engagement 
  • Automatic reporting in real time
  • Hassle-free onboarding