&frankly can support you in many situations

Regardless of what challenge you may be facing, you can use &frankly to drive positive change and increase engagement.

This is how you can use &frankly

No matter what challenges you face - engaged employees are the key to take your organisation to the next level

Drive engagement

Continuously take the pulse of your organisation and trigger behavioural change in order to increase engagement.

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Build culture

Reinforce desirable behaviour and work on an ongoing basis to pick up things that can have an adverse impact on your culture in the long term.

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Support change

Ensure that everybody is engaged in the change and that they have what they need to drive the process forward.

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Improve work environment

Continuously pick up things that can have an adverse effect on the working environment and act with intention so that each individual can reach their full potential.

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Strengthen employer brand

&frankly provides you with insights to become a more attractive employer to keep you existing employees longer and attract new talent with more ease. 

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Who benefits from &frankly?

&frankly fulfils an important function for everybody in the organisation.


Make your employees a strong and engaged force to develop the company. Gain real time insights into how your organisation is feeling with clear KPIs that can be correlated with other relevant business data.


Take an overall perspective and monitor how the organisation as a whole is feeling and developing. Give the managers the support they need to lead their teams effectively in line with business objectives.


Simply take the pulse of your team and work on the challenges you're facing. Trigger behaviour you would like to see more of in the team and feel the difference when engagement increases. 


Contribute your opinion on a continuous basis and have an influence on the culture that you create together. Monitor your own development and that of your team in order to ensure that you are constantly progressing.