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Measuring employee engagement with pulse surveys has become more and more common at workplaces. This is because most people know that engagement is an important condition for success. Pulse surveys are much simpler to carry out than annual employee surveys and the results are clearly presented, in real time, which makes it easy for HR and managers to follow up and take action.

This allows you to work proactively with everything from collaboration, leadership, and workload, to communication, strategy, and well-being – on the team and throughout the entire organization.

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Rebecca Lucander

People & Culture Manager, SAS

“We wanted to get away from just carrying out an employee survey and start triggering discussions instead. As far as we we're concerned, it was natural to work with &frankly and put engagement and well-being on our daily agenda.”

Evelina Wallers

Business Transformation, Centigo

“We love the flexibility &frankly offers. The fact that we can customize everything and adapt the questions using our own language makes a huge difference for how our employees experience the tool.”