Whistle-blower feature in &frankly: ”A natural step”

On December 17th a new legislation about  the protection of whistle-blowers will be enacted. As a customer and user of &frankly you will soon be able to use our whistle-blower function.

The Swedish government has announced a new legislation to ensure better protection for whistle-blowers. The background for this legislation is a new directive from the EU that must be applied no later than December 17th.

Currently in Sweden there is already a law that gives whistle-blowers protection against reprisals. That law is proposed to cease and thus be replaced by the new extended law.

With this new EU directive, companies with 50 employees or more, must provide a safe service for whistle-blowers. For us at &frankly, this is a natural part of our anonymity policy. You as an user in &frankly will be able to report misconduct and other inaccuracies in a simple and secure way.

whisleblower func

Easy to use yet secure. This functionality is in the final stage of development, testing and pre-launch are currently underway.


Caroline Fjellner, CEO of &frankly:

– &frankly is based on people having the ability to make their voice heard at work. With that in mind, it was a natural step for us to develop a functionality for whistle-blowers.

What is a whistle-blower?

A whistle-blower is usually an employee who exposes information or activity within a private, public, or government organization that is deemed illegal, illicit, unsafe, fraud, or abuse of taxpayer funds.


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