Product Update: Features to ease your workflow.

At &frankly, your continued success is our top priority. That is why we are constantly listening to feedback from our customers in order to better support HR managers and leaders with the tools they need to drive engagement. We are very excited to show you some of our recent efficiency upgrades!

Employees can now see their progress while answering questions

How many questions do your employees answer and how often? It is different for every organization and every team. No matter how you structure it, question fatigue is an issue that can arise for some users. In order to help create clarity for all users and get ahead of potential question fatigue, we now display the number of remaining questions left to answer as employees answer them.

Change your answers without any time pressure

Employees now have a full 36 hours to change the answers to their already answered questions. Previously we had limited this to one hour but after some feedback we have increased this time to accommodate different answering styles.

Results spread and comments now available on mobile and dashboard

Surfacing the insights that matter most is crucially important and probably part of the reason you began using &frankly to measure employee engagement. We have taken a big step forward in displaying more metrics and more options right from your mobile device and in your &frankly dashboard. There is no longer a need to create a report just to see more details. The most important insights on your latest pulse are ready for you when you login.2-insights-2000

Information about hidden results 

We now offer deeper insights into why some results are hidden. Anonymity is a top priority in &frankly's design, but we know that it can be difficult to understand how the framework functions. We now provide further explanation to help educate everyone about integrity limits.3B-user-anonimity-2000

For those integrating with HRM

We now offer the ability to automatically send welcome emails for users that are automatically added via an HRM integration. This will streamline new employee onboarding for everyone.

Peder Nordvaller

Peder Nordvaller

Peder is CTO and co-founder of &frankly

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