Product Update: Do more with your data. Introducing our new API.


A lot has been going on at &frankly and especially our R&D team has been walking the talk by releasing one engagement-boosting feature after the other. In this post we want to highlight a powerful new feature: our improved API.

Our new API feature packs a punch

We believe in enabling administrators to do a wide array of important tasks with &frankly. Our administration is now more powerful than ever before. We've given our API some extra love so you can do even more with &frankly data. With this new update, it’s not only easier to access &frankly data, it also enables you to:


Simplified User Management

We simplified user management, making it easier to keep user lists up to date. This saves you time and ensures you are GDPR compliant when using &frankly.

Self-integrate with &frankly

We put an onboarding API for managing users and groups in place. You can now self-integrate with &frankly. The API is publicly available here, and will redirect you to its documentation when visited:

But that’s not all of it. We’ve also made using our data easier!

Fetch KPI and Response Rates

Ensuring that you can make full use of the data we generate is just as important as making access easy, as it adds value to the conclusions you draw from using &frankly. The first version of our recently released Data API now allows you to fetch KPI and Response Rate data for all groups at all time securely:

  • Build your own KPI dashboard to show the Engagement KPIs on screens in the office together with other data
  • Build widgets for the intranet portal so you can show the latest &frankly response rate or KPI values on the intranet portal
  • Import the data into your data warehouses/business intelligence platforms
  • Build your own visualisations of KPI data over time, like building your own overview or KPI view
  • Send out automated emails to all HR & Managers when there are new KPI values available for their groups


After giving this new feature a spin, user Martin Clausen from QVARTZ already love it:

"Just wanted to say that the API access is awesome 😊I created a custom dashboard in Power BI in about 5 minutes – really looking forward to also see the results for specific questions as well!"


Pretty exciting, right? We’re planning more updates to these APIs and will keep you updated as we add functionality.

Product Update

Nicole Michaelis

Nicole Michaelis

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