Product Update: Dazzled by our new, extra functional Dashboard

Valuable insights -- right at your finger tips. Our new Dashboard lets you access the latest results for a group of your choosing as soon as you log in to &frankly via your browser. Get your daily dose of &frankly insights at the press of a button.

Ready for a major upgrade of your entire &frankly experience? We're especially proud of the major goodie we're introducing you to today: our new Dashboard. Our new Dashboard is like a bit of Spring cleaning of your &frankly experience: it makes it easier to find the things that matter and declutters your view -- so you can focus on what truly matters (Spoiler: it's how your team is doing). Ready to dive into it?


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Isn't it pretty? We sure think it is. At &frankly, we have long had the aim to make the data we collect from you even more accessible. We thought How can we move relevant insights into the center of attention? And that's how the idea for our new Dashboard was born.


Enjoy the view: everything in one place

The Dashboard will constantly develop, with new insights and features being added in future releases. But for now, these are the things you can access from the new Dashboard for the group of your choosing (company, department or team level):

- Results of specific questions from the last 3 months
- Key Performance Indicators
- Response Rates

The displayed data shows both recent results and historic results for the last 3 months to highlight trends:




Understanding your results

The displayed results include all the latest Key Performance Indicators for this group and their trend based on data from the last 3 months. You'll also see historic and latest response rates so you can keep an eye on your groups' engagement with &frankly.


Want to learn more about these improvements?

As always, you can reach us by dropping us a message at and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.


Nicole Michaelis

Nicole Michaelis

Nicole is a writer and strategist with a passion for engagement.

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