Product Update: Busy? You can now automate some of our pulses with our new programs feature

Some things are better on autopilot. Ok, maybe not better but certainly easier. Automation can make life a lot easier when times are stressful. And while observing Tesla and Volvo developing self-driving cars we wondered why don't we offer a self-driving option for &frankly?

The idea for our programs was born.



Now we've released this brand new feature, that allows you to schedule pulses automatically. Ensuring that even when times are busy and things change, you collect valuable data to help you make better decisions.

Programs are a pre-defined scheduling of a set of pulses over time that ensure that relevant questions are being asked consistently.

&frankly, but hands-off. And don't worry - this doesn't make the results any less valuable.


Here's why we developed this feature

  • Programs are a way for us to provide a quick start to users who want to just get started asking questions in &frankly but are not sure which packages to pick.
  • Programs are also for managers who want to have a best practice set of questions going out with a set recurrence, while ensuring the results will provide benchmark data.
  • And of course, programs are a great option for users who are busy or going through organizational change. These users can ensure they continue to collect valuable data towards their set KPIs.

More programs will be added over time

When developing our programs, the first one we developed was our Engagement model program that runs our 7 driver pulses and overall Engagement KPI pulse. You can read about the Engagement model here if you want to learn more.

We currently also have a program focused on Change management available.


How programs work

Programs are activated for a given group (or “Everyone”) and will appear in the scheduling view under a “Program” umbrella. Results visibility follows the standard configuration of your account. However, it is possible to revise the visibility of each pulse within the program.

Programs will run on a fixed schedule. This means that if several managers in the same organization decide to join a program, they will be joining the same schedule. This ensures pulses are aligned, enabling benchmark data from other groups, departments and levels of the organization. Managers can join others who are running the same program anytime. It's never too late!

And don't worry: when you log in to &frankly and open the programs view, we have some helpful tips prepared for you.

Programs are created and maintained by &frankly. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to us at

And while we're at it, have a look at this article in which we explain why we renamed packages to pulses.


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Nicole Michaelis

Nicole Michaelis

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