New Pulse: Managing complex change just got a lot easier

Managing change is difficult. To help you manage the change you're going through with your team, department, or as an organization, we've launched a new in-depth pulse.


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"A lot of our customers use &frankly to support and drive change. To support them even better, we have now developed a new pulse Manage complex change. It aims to provide managers with more insights on how their organization is doing throughout their bigger and more complex change journeys. Managers get the opportunity to identify and discuss issues before the change creates confusion, anxiety, resistance, frustration, or the sense of a false start among team members" - Viktoria Lindhe, Head of Customer Success at &frankly

Our pulse Managing complex change is based on a framework by M. Lippitt and T. Knoster developed to help implement change from all angles consistently over time. Using this pulse will support you to focus on the right things when going through a change process and avoid the greatest pitfalls of change processes, confusion, anxiety, resistance, frustration and false start.



Image: Knoster model overview

The pulse is available in Swedish and English. You can find the pulse when you log in to &frankly, go to Schedule -> Packages -> Find a package -> "Managing complex change".

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Nicole Michaelis

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