Heatmap - Get an instant temperature check of your organization

Do you as a leader want instant visual feedback? With heatmap, you can easily identify which teams are doing well and which ones need more attention - all in one display.

What is Heatmap? Heatmap displays the results, response rates and KPIs for all groups in one view and available for anyone registered as administrator for their organization in &frankly. At a glance, you will be able to identify which groups are performing well, and which need some extra support. This will help you save time searching for outliers and enable you to spend more time focusing on supporting your team instead of putting together data.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 17.38.21 (1)Picture: How heatmap will be displayed in &frankly for admins and managers

Color alertAll results are divided into color shades to symbolize how well each group is doing. The colors are displayed based on the collector type. Superbinary question-types, such as slider-questions, NPS-questions, and map-questions, are displayed in negative to positive colors. While binary questions, i.e. circle choice picture-, field-, and meter-questions, are displayed in neutral shades. You may also choose your preference on whether you like to see relative colors in multiple shades or absolute colors.


Identify the topic of need - Not only can you get an overview of all your groups and their result, but you can also compare the results for multiple questions simultaneously to easily identify patterns in specific areas that need your attention. 


Categorized by a manager - Make it easier to take action and display who is the contact person for each group. By choosing to view the manager of each group you know who to contact when you want to follow up on the result of a particular group or subgroup. 


Use your data- Do you want to save or share your data for a report? Don’t worry, it is easy! You can find the download button, to extract your data directly to excel, at the top right corner of the display.


Want to learn more about these improvements?As always, you can reach out by dropping us a message at help@andfrankly.com and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.


Caroline Fjellner

Caroline Fjellner

It’s all about people. That's why I love watching our company grow – the more the merrier. When not busy cultivating &frankly, I spend time on cultural cultivating; movies, food, radio (severe P1 addiction), books, etc.

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