Product Update: Personalise your &frankly experience with dynamic questions

 Answering &frankly's questions just got a lot more personal. At &frankly we know how important relevancy is to drive engagement. The more personal and relevant the &frankly experience, the better the response rate. We try to make &frankly fit everyone’s unique needs.

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You can now use special attributes in questions (and in any question field) that will be replaced with personal data of the answering user. The supported attributes are FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, COMPANYNAME and ATTRIBUTE, where ATTRIBUTE is any attribute that is set for the user in terms of custom attributes defined by the company, as introduced before.

The intended use of this is to personalise questions. It also simplifies asking questions about specific teams and managers i.e. “Does your manager Nicole do the following...?” instead of just “Does your manager do the following…?”


Now isn't this great?

Product Update

Nicole Michaelis

Nicole Michaelis

Nicole is a writer and strategist with a passion for engagement.

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