Introducing our new pulse: Engagement Diagnose Large

&frankly is the eyes of the HR-leader, the ears of the manager and the voice of the employees. With our new pulse "Diagnose Engagement Drivers - Large", we would like to give you a solid starting point to help you understand how engagement can strengthen and improve your organization. 

At &frankly we want to make working with employee engagement easy. In order to help those just getting started to quickly identify the needs in their organization we have developed the pulse, Engagement Diagnose Large. The pulse is an extension of our original Engagement Diagnose pulse, specifically modified to help new &frankly users collect a wider set of data from the beginning. This pulse is a small step up from the traditional annual survey to a more agile and pulsed survey method.

Based on leading employee engagement research we have identified 7 key drivers for employee engagement in the workplace: Wellbeing, Collaboration, Recognition, Pride, Development, Alignment and Leadership. This pulse is designed to support the 7 drivers employee engagement model. There are two questions aligning with each driver in this pulse, making it a good starting point to identify strengths and areas of improvement for increasing engagement. We have also included a global standardized eNPS to give an additional benchmark in this pulse. 

We recommend discussing the results of this pulse with your team and collaboratively create an action plan. This pulse is best used as a foundation for you to dive deeper with our in-depth pulses. Consisting of 5-6 questions on specific drivers, we recommend you send in-depth pulses aligning with the areas for improvement that you have identified. 

By using the pulse Engagement Diagnose Large you get: 

  • Result scoring - The 15 questions are visible in our result view, one-by-one, in real time. You can view trends over time and export the results directly as a presentation, PDF, or spreadsheet. It is easy to see which results need your attention and what should be celebrated with the team.
  • KPI – The KPI will give you the possibility of following progress over time, to give you a picture of whether your initiatives are taking you in the right direction or if you ought to recalibrate your actions. 2 KPIs are presented; one for 7 drivers (one question from each driver), and one score for the NPS-question. This will indicate where you have your relative strength and improvement areas.
  • Overview - If you have access to more than one team in your organization you will be able to see a comparison across team KPIs (available for customers on our Workplace and Enterprise plan).

Questions? Please reach out at or contact your Customer Success Manager. 


Viktoria Lindhé

Viktoria Lindhé

Head of Customer Success at &frankly

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