Product Update: Alerts and more news!

At &frankly, your continued success is our top priority. That is why we are constantly listening to feedback from our customers in order to better support HR managers and leaders with the tools they need to drive engagement. We are very excited to show you some of our recent efficiency upgrades!

  • Never miss a critical follow-up with Alerts.

    Topics like discrimination and wellbeing, are especially important to address immediately when issue arise.

    To make sure managers and HR professionals do not miss any critical follow-ups, &frankly offers an intelligent warning system.

    If we identify cases of discrimination or employees at risk for attrition, we will highlight these findings to you so that you can take action immediately, and of course you can customize and add your own alerts based on your own questions.


  • We guide you to the results you're looking for.

    We are continuously finding ways to help you get actionable insights from the data in &frankly. Our goal is to provide a high level of usability and remove any guesswork from data analysis.

    To give you a good overview of the main purpose and strength of the different analytics features, we have created a new landing page that, when entering the result section in the tool, will guide you further!

  • View KPIs in Segments.

    Administrators and managers (that are allowed to see segments) can now view KPIs based on specific segments.

    Previously it was only possible to see segmented results on a question level. With KPIs presented on the Segments page, administrators and managers can now get a better overview and understanding of the overall results in each segment.
  • Sort your Dashboard as you like!

    The Dashboard gives you a lot of useful insights, but we know that some of you have previously found it tricky to use, especially when looking for your latest results.

    Based on valuable feedback from you, we have now added functionality that lets you sort directly on the Dashboard. You can now choose to show results chronologically right on the main page of &frankly.


  • Increase the response time to collect the input you need.

As we want to ensure that all employees get a fair chance to answer a pulse, you can set a pulse to stay open for two weeks. Both admins and managers can set the open period, which gives you enough time to gather all inputs. This can be especially beneficial if you're an organization with shift workers.


  • Add employees directly into a group.

    Administrators can now easily add new employees and set their group membership directly in the user list. Note, that only administrators have access to this feature.
  • The system language is now available in Norwegian.

    You can now choose between 3 standard languages: Swedish, English, or Norwegian

  • Remove old pulses from the scheduling.

    Some of our customers have been using &frankly for a while and would like to clean up their accounts by removing old or test pulses. We have made this possible for you at your convenience! 

  • Actions for Employees.

    By popular demand we have now enabled out Actions functionality for all employees. Admins can now enable Actions for all user levels. If everyone works together as a team you will definitely succeed.

    Employees can create and start Actions on the Dashboard next to the question results or in the Action library. Similar to the actions for leaders, it is possible for HR / management to create customized actions for your organisation.

    In short, employees will also be able to see suggested actions from &frankly related to the topic of the questions in a pulse. With concrete and relevant suggestions it will be easier for everyone to actively work towards higher engagement levels.

    Stay tuned for more updates on Actions for Employees. 


Peder Nordvaller

Peder Nordvaller

Peder is CTO and co-founder of &frankly

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