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Employee engagement is at the the core of your organization

&frankly exists for those who want to put employee engagement and well-being at the top of the agenda and increase self-leadership throughout their organization. With &frankly, you receive support in this process - from understanding how your employees are feeling in real time to creating dialogue and driving change.

What is your objective? 
&frankly can help you get there!

&frankly is developed based on leading research on employee engagement. Read more here. 

An agile approach

Take the pulse of your organization in real time

Work proactively by gaining insights from your employees and taking relevant actions to meet current needs. 

  • Pulsed employee surveys that easily can be adapted to internal guidelines, culture, and focus 
  • Possibility to send quick questions and receive direct feedback on everything, from internal meetings to the latest change initiative
  • Targeted and personalized questions to specific parts of the organization in order to generate insights and increase relevance 
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Instant insights

Reporting in real time

Our overview provides an overall perspective as well as the possibility of going into more detail at team level - all delivered in real time. 

  • Follow our standard KPIs or tailor your own 
  • Compare all teams throughout the organization
  • Segment by period of employment, age or your own attribute of choice

Encourage desirable behaviours

Trigger the organization to move in the direction you want

Continuous changes in small steps create major changes over time. With &frankly you can move both the individual and the organization in the right direction.  

  • Action-orientated questions encourage desirable behaviours and self-reflection 
  • Knowledge articles provide concrete tips and guidance
  • Provide managers with suggested actions based on a specific result or create your own action based on company best practices
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Support the entire organisation

Empower managers, teams, and individuals

Employee engagement and well-being are vital factors that everybody should work on. With &frankly, it is possible for everyone to work on questions and results, independent of their role. 

  • Managers can create and set their own questions for their teams
  • The team has direct access to its own results 
  • Managers receive support and tips to enable them to act on the results together with the team

Complete control

Simple yet powerful administration

Create ownership throughout the organization at the same time as  you as an administrator have full control of how &frankly is used.  

  • Global system settings with local administrators 
  • Integrations with your own HR system keep users and groups updated 
  • Support for Single Sign On solutions with simplified login

Use &frankly in your way

Easy to customise to your unique needs

Neither people nor organizations fit in ready-made models. Therefore you can easily adapt &frankly based on your goals and conditions, whether you are supporting a small team or a multinational company.

  • Create your own questions using 15 different question templates
  • Choose from our library of 200 best practice questions 
  • Create groups and departments according to needs
  • Create your own KPIs adapted to your business and objective

Focus on the employee

A world-class employee experience

To secure a high response rate, &frankly has been developed with a major focus on the employees to ensure they feel the experience is relevant to their needs.

  • An innovative interface which draws in the user 
  • Option of responding via e-mail, app, or Slack 
  • Login via e-mail or telephone number 

Johan Ribrant

Marketing Director, Ellevio

“Engaged employees are crucial for our business as they are the key to satisfied customers. With &frankly we can both measure how the employees are feeling as well as drive behaviour in the direction that is in line with the values at our workplace.”

Maja Samuelsson

Global Head of HR, DigitalRoute

“When we transformed our business model, it was important to engage the employees. With &frankly we were able to continuously measure and follow up everybody’s experience in relation to the change and communicate whenever the need arose.”

Charlotte Mattfolk

CEO, Cartina

“We have been on a strong growth journey and gone from ten to sixty employees in two years. &frankly has enabled us to scale our culture and ensure that our values, which we feel are unique to Cartina, are known in the organisation.”

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Use everything out-of-the-box or customize questions, surveys, and KPIs. With &frankly you get started quickly and can focus immediately on creating change.

  • 200 best practice questions that can be sent instantly 
  • Automatic reporting in real time
  • Quick, smooth onboarding

New functions launched frequently

New functions are launched continuously to help you drive employee engagement in the workplace.