Our partners share our vision

Sadly, we’re not universal masters at &frankly. There are quite a few things that others do a lot better than us (not employee pulsing though, we are the pulse masters). That’s why we’ve partnered with experts that share our vision of happier workplaces for everyone.

I want to become a partner!

Our current partners

Our partner network is currently small; a picky selection of allies. And we can proudly present a group of experts devoted to increase employee engagement.


Amesto have gathered a their experts under one roof, with an offering reaching from new ERP systems to accounting.


Intencos enables company growth by offering services from senior HR consultants, instructors and professional coaches.


Humagic supports brave leaders create engagement for new results.


Eight:AM provide leaders and organizations with the tools and insights to thrive in the new business landscape, where sustainable innovation is key