Employee Engagement 2020

Data and analysis of leadership’s impact on employee engagement

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Caroline Fjellner

CEO, &frankly

In this report, we highlight the importance of good leadership and its importance for other factors that drive engagement. We see a correlation between those recommending their managers believing that there is good team spirit in the workplace. They think their skills are used in a better way and they are more proud of their employer.

29% do not feel proud to say where they work

Pride can be seen as both a result and a driving force for a high level of employee engagement. The vast majority of companies have things to be proud of, it just a matter of highlighting them. 

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27% of employees do not think that their skills are fully utilized

Among those who do not recommend their manager, as many as 64% state that they do not think their skills are being used properly. This shows that managers must give employees the chance to use a wider range of knowledge.

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Ann Boije af Gennäs

​Strategy Director​, Fortum

When we launched our new leadership philosophy "Open Leadership" &frankly became an important part of the managers' toolbox. &frankly has helped us, and managers, to modernize the company and leadership so that we continue to be an attractive employer.

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&frankly helps HR managers and leaders measure, understand, and act on real-time data from employees to increase engagement in the workplace

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