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Working dedicated with engagement, driving complex change and building fantastic cultures – our customers impress us every day!
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Rebecca Lucander

People & Culture Manager, SAS

“We wanted to get away from just carrying out a survey and start to triggering discussion instead. As far as we were concerned, it was natural to work with &frankly and place engagement and well-being on our daily agenda.”

Evelina Wallers

Business Transformation, Centigo

“We love the flexibility &frankly offers. The fact that we can customize everything and adapt the questions using our own language makes a huge difference for how our employees experience the tool.”

A selection of our customers

Increasing engagement, building culture and driving change are just some of the accomplishments our customers have achieved while using &frankly.

Storytel’s growth focus means taking care of employees first

Going from startup to scaleup can be a great challange. Storytel has found their stride and it is centered on employees.

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Engaged employees the formula for Quinyx strong growth

Hyper growth company Quinyx make sure they are always up to speed of the wellbeing of their employees. If things seem to move in the wrong direction they immediately take action. 

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Fortum embraces a new leadership philosophy

When Fortum rolled out its leadership philosophy, ”Open Leadership”, &frankly became an important part of their managers’ new toolbox to support their work in a dynamic world.

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Cartina scales their culture

The growth company Cartina realized how important it is to have a common foundation, values and goals that both unite the teams and boost engagement for every individual co-worker.

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Länsförsäkringar reversed a negative trend

&frankly enabled Länsförsäkringar to locate their problems and establish a dialogue. The responses made clear what needed to be done to create more drive within the organisation.

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HeadAgent take daily actions to increase engagement

HeadAgent had been running yearly surveys for a while. But they were missing a tool that could help them follow-up the actions they took in response in a smart an effective way. 

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Your Majesty on top in the innovation league

People is the secret to Your Majestys award winning culture. This is how they make sure to always have a happy workplace and keep innovation capabilities on top.

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DigitalRoute made the employees the engine for change

When DigitalRoute set out to transform their business it was crucial to engage their employees in the change, something they succeeded with thanks to &frankly. 

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Engagement is everyone's responsiblity at Ellevio

Happy employees are the key to happy customers. Ellevio is sure of this and thinks everybody has an equally important role when it comes to driving engagement, not only managers. 

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Self-leadership is central at Centigo

Forget about traditional organizational structures and hierarchies, at Centigo the traditional boss is a thing of the past.

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