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How to use &frankly in uncertain times

Support remote teams and track employee sentiment around Covid-19

A lot is happening in the world right now and HR managers and leaders are all busy keeping business going and making sure that employees feel well, safe and still can perform their work. 

It is in uncertain times like these that it is more important than ever to capture the thoughts and needs of your employees to ensure to take the right actions. 

&frankly can support you in these times by:

  • Tracking employee sentiment around Covid-19 and that everyone has taken part of your guidelines 
  • Supporting the team and and keep engagement up while suddenly becoming a remote team 

In this webinar we will present two new pulse surveys we have developed for these specific reasons and discuss how you can use them to keep engagement high in your organization.

Length: 30 min

This webinar is hosted by Lilian Ekelin, HR- and leadership specialist at &frankly.

 Lilian Ekelin lead flow



30 minutes