When employee engagement makes an impact – this is what Head Agent does to be even better

At executive search company Head Agent, employee engagement and passion are believed to be vital to achieve success. It's self-evident that Head Agent uses a tool to measure and take action on engagement.

Head Agent was convinced early on that employees not only represent the business culture but most of all create it – day in, day out. Employees who are engaged, like coming to work and feel good are therefore central for success.

How do you create and maintain high engagement among employees 

HeadAgent had been running yearly surveys for a while. But they were missing a tool that could help them follow-up the actions they took in response in a smart an effective way. That's why they chose to work with &frankly. Ever since they started working with &frankly they've seen positive trends:

  1. Increased wellbeing.
  2. Employees say they like coming to work even more.
  3. Employees share the company culture and goals.

Caroline Allmér, Search Associate Manager, explains how they continuously work on becoming better:

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