Transparency and purpose strengthen Wint's culture in turbulent times

Everyone who steps on the Wint train should feel that there is a strong "why". With us, every employee is a key person and an entrepreneur, says Helena Alexandersson, HR manager.

How do you know as an organization if you are ready for the  unpredictable? Before the management at Wint closed the doors to their office, they wanted to find out. More specifically, they wanted to understand how employees experienced the corona crisis and whether they had the right conditions for working from home.

Since Wint was already sending regular pulses through &frankly, they also decided  to send out the question pulse "Remote work". The results of the survey confirmed what they hoped for: employees had everything they needed to continue working from home. Since the 6th of April all work has been done remotely.

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The biggest challenge right now is in maintaining our strong team feeling and ensuring that the transfer of skills also works remotely. That's why we've set up extra meetings and daily contact via Google Hangouts, chat, and phone, says Helena Alexandersson, HR Manager at Wint.

It works. According to Helena Alexandersson, there are signs that the culture has become even stronger by the crisis.

We have many employees who have taken their own initiative to invite others to have coffee or lunch time yoga online. We also encourage employees to take a walk and talk instead of being sedentary while in video meetings. How we will be affected in the longer term is hard to say. For now we are doing everything we can to keep the motivation up.

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Wint started using & frankly in March (2020) and quickly discovered after the first measurement that engagement was high. A clearly articulated purpose that is easy to connect with, Helena Alexandersson believes, is one of the reasons. She is supported by Daniel Johansson, CEO of Wint, who emphasizes the importance of openness and transparency.

Our "why" is the most important instrument we have. In order for everyone to feel the participation and confidence that management acts in line with the purpose, transparency is absolutely fundamental. All parts of the organization work from the same reality and go through everything together, both success and failure. That's why we always strive to be completely transparent throughout our organization, he says.

Living as you learn is also reflected in profitability. According to Daniel Johansson, employees' engagement is reflected in the satisfaction of customers - and beyond. In addition, more talent is looking at Wint.

Our transparent and open communication also contributes to increased motivation and our employees dare to take steps and challenge industries with new solutions, says Daniel Johansson.

How long the team at Wint will work remotely is still unclear. Despite the fact that it is working, many people miss their colleagues.

"We see our employees longing for their everyday lives with the team and colleagues at Wint," says Helena Alexandersson.

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