Take the pulse of your team's collaboration while working from home

Many companies have chosen to send their workforce home because of recent health risks. Everyone, company and employee, will approach this change differently. What is most important in these times is the ability to cooperate. As an HR manager or leader, it becomes even more important now to understand how your team is doing and what they need to deliver on their goals.

We have developed a new pulse specifically designed to help HR managers and leaders understand team cooperation while working remotely. The four-question pulse can be used to gather insights about how employees feel about remote work and how to implement a plan that will work for everyone in the team.


4 questions to identify and improve working remotely:  

How do you feel about working remotely

How do you feel about working remotely?  

This question can help you understand the kind of emotions associated with remote work. Use these responses to create a discussion about ideal remote working conditions. Ask how to create more positive emotions and discuss how to get there.









When you work remotely do you have the right conditions ENGWhen you work remotely do you have the right conditions?  

As a manager, you are responsible for the physical and mental working environment around your team. When several of your employees are working remotely this can be a hard thing to control. The responses to this question you a baseline for improvement. If your team is experiencing challenging conditions, we recommend sending out a more in-depth question or pulse to gather more details about what can improve conditions.




How do you prefer to collaborate when you work remotely SWEHow do you prefer to collaborate when working remotely?  

The responses to this question seek to give the team a foundation for how they prefer to collaborate digitally together. For most people, a combination of communication channels is good as they often fulfill different purposes. Use this pulse as a starting point to discuss and find clarity around when and how to use each channel.






How do you contribute to good online meetings when working remotely ENGHow do you contribute to good online meetings?  

This is a so-called “action question” that should stimulate reflection and inspire a desirable behavior. The sub-questions in the template should remind us digital meeting best case practices. 









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Do you feel that the questions touch on the right theme, but are maybe not right for your team? Use this blog as inspiration to create your own pulse with questions from our library.

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