Storytel’s growth focus means taking care of employees first

Going from startup to scaleup can be a great challenge. Storytel has found their stride and it is centered on employees.

When Storytel acquired highly recognized industry veteran Norstedts, a clear picture of the modern audiobook brand emerged. Since then, Storytel has kept moving at a fast pace. In 2018 they grew from about 160 employees to over 300. They entered several new markets, and realized the value of focusing on their employees for growth.

But how do you create a culture that retains the scrappy optimism of a startup with the maturity to take on new markets? How do you create a workplace in which employees are excited to come in to work every morning?

In this video Hanna Lindroth (HR), Daniel Bodner (CTO) and Lena Törnroos (Support) tell us how they use &frankly to drive engagement at Storytel.

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Employee Engagement

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