Spot your strengths and weaknesses with Engagement Radar

From simple and flexible – to easier than ever. Thanks to Engagement Radar, increased engagement is just a click away.
– This suits anyone who would like to get started quickly with a verified model, says Caroline Fjellner at &frankly.

Measuring employee engagement with employee pulse surveys is nowadays a common sight in many modern workplaces. Pulse surverys can be carried out quickly and easily, and the results are presented in a neat and comprehensible way.

– The significant advantage of continuous "pulse" surveys is that you, as a manager, are constantly feeded with insights on how your most important resource, the employees, are doing in the workplace. This allows both HR and managers to work proactively with everything from collaboration challenges and leadership improvement, to communication, strategy, stress factors and the overall well-being of the team, among other things, says Caroline Fjellner, Chief Product Officer at &frankly.

The fact that we all work in a complex and ever-changing environment is nothing new. Conditions may change at short notice. For this reason, it is imperative as an organization to be able to change and adapt quickly.

To enable quick adaptions, the employees must be on board. If they feel committed to their job in a motivating work environment, the right conditions are there.

To support your efforts as HR or manager to boost engagement in the organization, we have further developed our research-based engagement model in &frankly. We call it Engagement Radar. With this feature, you get an overview of the most important areas and can quickly spot which ones that need your attention.


How Engagement Radar works:

  • A variety of research-based questions, all with a strong correlation to engagement, are automatically sent out to your employees.
  • The system ensures selection and prevents employees from being asked the same questions over and over again.
  • The result is presented in an overview with the possibility to compare trends and benchmarks.



7 benefits of Engagement Radar:

  • Easy to get started.
  • Automated  pulse surveys.
  • Research-based questions.
  • Automated selection that prevents the same questions from being sent over and over again.
  • Clear overview for all focus areas.
  • Identify trends and compare yourself (benchmark) with other organizations.
  • Everything you need in one place.

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