New! Drive company best practices at scale with Custom Actions

At &frankly, we aim to support HR managers and leaders in going from insight to action to truly drive engagement. Since every organization, team and individual is unique, doing this with the highest degree of success demands being as relevant as you can to meet the needs of your own organization. That's why we are now introducing Custom Actions!

So what is custom Actions? Custom actions are the next development of our Action feature launched prior to summer. With custom Actions you now have the possibility to create your own action that will be visible next to the latest &frankly result. This helps you to promote and drive your company specific best practices at scale to managers by suggesting your own actions. With the opportunity to build your unique company library of actions you can now customize &frankly all the way, decided for yourself both which insights to collect and which specific actions you want to promote to your managers.   

But that's not all! Managers can also create their own individual action based on a specific result and the knowledge they have of the needs of their team. 

Benefits for Administrators

  • Drive company specific best practices and behaviors 
  • Provide support at scale for managers in which action to take


Benefits for Managers

  • Create own action and save as to-do's that you know will improve things for your team
  • Get support in taking action on your result


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Find everything on your Action plan 

On your Action plan you can find all your active and completed actions (both custom and &frankly standard actions) and follow your own progress. You can also see how many people have started a specific action. Actions can be accessed both on the web and through our app. 

This feature is available on our Workplace and Enterprise plans, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information, or contact us at if you have questions.

If you are currently on our Team plan and are interested in our Action feature please reach out to discuss an upgrade to access the feature. 


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Peder Nordvaller

Peder Nordvaller

Peder is CTO and co-founder of &frankly

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