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At &frankly, your continued success is our top priority. That is why we are constantly listening to feedback from our customers in order to better support HR managers and leaders with the tools they need to drive engagement. How do we keep the support coming? As with pulsed surveys, there is tremendous power in small changes. That is why we are excited to tell you about some critical but incremental improvements that could greatly improve your day-to-day.

So what is new? You can now select multiple pulses when viewing results, slice by only your direct reports, and filter by &frankly roles. In addition, we have enabled admins to edit employee profiles and email addresses as well as created an easier to read export for Heatmaps

Select multiple pulses in results

Pulsed surveys are a flexible way to engage your team on a regular basis without overwhelming them. Of course, you can take it a step further and keep your pulsed surveys fresh by creating different version of your favorite pulses, skipping irrelevant or over played questions, or by customizing the content entirely. Viewing results across pulses, has historically been a challenge. Now it is possible to view results for multiple pulses in one place and export a single document.

In addition to seeing a bigger more comprehensive report, you can now see combined results from a question that appear across multiple pulses. This lets you see trends over time even when you changed things up.

View results for your direct reports (Workplace and Enterprise)

Are you a manager of managers? There is now a feature to view results for only your direct reports. This allows you to easily filter out the teams your managers are in charge of so you can focus on the employees at hand.

View reports by &frankly role (Workplace and Enterprise)

You can now choose to view results across all managers, all employees, or all admins within &frankly.

Admins can edit email addresses 

Typos happen, information changes, business changes, this is nature of a growing company. As an admin you can now edit the email address for your employees. When an email is edited, we inform the employee that changes have been made. Now, when people go through name changes, or your company changes domain, admins can make the change on behalf of individuals.

Heatmap export supports color

Heatmap displays results, response rates, and KPIs for all groups in one view and provides color coded results. At a glance, you can identify which groups are performing well and which need some extra support. Now you can export your heatmap to a spreadsheet with the same color coded results.

Mondays at &frankly

Historically, pulses from the &frankly library have been sent out on different times and days. We have now created a common standard across the majority of our pulses, Monday at 14:00.

Product Update

Peder Nordvaller

Peder Nordvaller

Peder is CTO and co-founder of &frankly

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