New! Deep dive into your employee data with Segments

At &frankly, we want to support HR managers and leaders to go from insight to action to truly drive engagement. With our new segmentation feature, we bring even more insights to the table. 

So what is Segment? Segment is an easily available visualization of how different segments of your workforce are answering over time. By adding attributes (such as tenure, gender etc.) to each employee, you will see more dimensions on your data which enables you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your organization. 

Segments can help you spot where key differences across segments are – i.e. if there’s an over representation of positive or negative answers among males or young employees on certain questions.

Segments graph


Results are shown across all segments defined in the company. The anonymity of the employees is of course still protected and a minimum of three responses are always required.

You can filter results on specific attributes and/or ranges, or choose to focus on specific questions to focus the view to the set of data you are interested in. Results are shown for up to the three latest data points for the given question and segment, making it possible to see the trend over time.

This feature is available on our Workplace and Enterprise plans. Users that have Administrator rights for the account will have access to the entire organization and those with Manager rights will see their own department.


For more in-depth information please read more on our FAQ page.

Please reach out to your contact person for more information, or contact us at if you have questions.


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Peder Nordvaller

Peder Nordvaller

Peder is CTO and co-founder of &frankly

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