How to manage your relationships at work

According to Deloitte's report (Global Human Capital Trends 2016) Employee Engagement is in place 4 on the top 10 list of global HR trends. It is considered crucial for the company's continued success, according to 48% of the respondents. But despite the understanding of its relevance increases, the definition is still a little fuzzy. Employee Engagement, or employee commitment, is surrounded by a lot of different interpretations and descriptions.

Happy relationships is an art form

We like keeping it simple, and have chosen to look at it as a classic love-relationship. The best kind of love-relationship, because there are so many parallels between the concepts. It is valued in similar ways (loyalty, lust, pride, etc.) and strengthened by the same factors.

And we all know, relationships are a hardship. Despite the support from a billion dollar industry of self-help books, about 50% of all marriages in the western world end up in divorce. And that just between two parties. How is it possible to achieve the same at work? Establishing a strong relationship with 10, 30 och even 300 colleagues? How do you enable that multi-relationships at work? Fostering a culture of commitment, respect, to each and everyone.

Tips on how to keep that fire alive in the workplace

This is where the digital magic comes into play. Thanks to new technology, we can finally succeed in our polyamorous relationships at work. Not convinced? Let us proof it to you with some examples of how digital services make it possible to fulfill the most typical relationship advice out there.

  • “Talk to each other”
    Did I hear Slack, Yammer, Podio, etc.? Yes. The market for team communication services and tools are exploding and that’s for a good reason. They all make it easier to keep the dialogue going, create common goals, plans and stay updated.
  • “Flowers just once a year is a bad idea”
    The awareness of the importance of continuous feedback has grown both at work and at home. Flowers once a year to celebrate the wedding day or an engraved gold watch at retirement is simply not enough. That’s why there are plenty of gamification and feedback tools to show; you are important. But by all means - don’t substitute all the real life pats with digital ones.
  • “Check in with each other”
    A small question like "How was your day?" can do wonders for a relationship, and same goes for the workplace! Therefore annual surveys are no more. Many have found that annual employee surveys are not enough to keep track of the company's commitment internally and consequently move to more agile solutions that continuously takes the pulse of the organization (wink wink).
  • “Never go to bed angry”
    Transparency requirements will increase in all dimensions of society, largely because of digital technology. Information can easily be made available and employees expect to participate. This can be a bit daunting for many companies, but fear not and take small steps towards greater openness. Remember - transparency builds trust.
  • “Every relationship is unique”
    And finally some words of advice from Oscar Wilde: ”Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary”.  We couldn’t agree more. Always respect each others unique qualities and backgrounds. This is yet another area where the digital technology offers a helping hand; it’s easier than ever to customize solutions based on your individual needs. No more “One size fits all”.
So with that said, we consider it to be proven: New technology enables polyamorous relationships at work. This is good news, as we wish everyone to be able to enjoy a happy relationship with his work. A relationship that gives you room to grow, providing energy and that wonderful feeling that you are irreplaceable. Quite simply, a relationship that brings out the best in you.

Employee Engagement

Caroline Fjellner

Caroline Fjellner

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