Engaged employees and strong culture – this is the formula for success at Quinyx

Quinyx is a star in the Swedish start-up scene. In order to build their success sustainably, they started using &frankly at an early stage to measure employee engagement."&frankly is an excellent gauge of the job we are doing. We use it every month to find out whether there are any problems anywhere in the organisation”, says Erik Fjellborg, CEO of Quinyx. 

Quinyx has been on a journey of exponential growth since its founding in 2005 in Örebro. It was there that 19-year old Erik Fjellborg, working part time at McDonald’s, developed a timetabling program for his employer. It subsequently became a success when other companies also started using it. Today Quinyx has over 150 employees, around a third of whom were added in 2018. Much of Quinyx' growth is now taking place abroad, primarily in other countries throughout Europe.

When a company grows so quickly it can be difficult to know if the organization is feeling good and whether or not development is at pace. In 2017, Quinyx enlisted the help of &frankly. The aim was to quickly discover gaps and proactively address them to keep the organization on the right path. 

”We brought in &frankly at an early stage, as we wanted to have it as a tool to support managers. We have a fast-paced organization which is growing rapidly. We currently have employees at seven or eight offices and I don’t have time to meet them all every day. It is important to know how they are feeling and what they think about their work situation”, Erik Fjellborg says.

Insight into the organization

&frankly’s tool requires the staff at the company to regularly answer a number of pulsed questions, either pre-defined by &frankly’s HR-experts, or formulated by the company itself. The staff responds online or via a mobile app, and the answers are completely anonymous at the team level. The results are compiled and presented to management which can then select how transparent they would like to communicate results to the rest of the team. At Quinyx the survey is conducted once a month.

”The best thing about &frankly is the continuity, that we do these surveys so regularly. An annual questionnaire is not sufficient for us. We have to be more up to date so that we can rapidly detect whether a problem has arisen in the organization that we need to deal with”, Erik Fjellborg says.

One example can be stress levels. &frankly enables management to detect whether a team or department is over-worked and then act before it gets worse, avoiding burnout or turnover.

”If we hadn’t had this tool, it would have taken longer to discover. Running the survey on a frequent basis enables us to follow trends, and see what effect our measures are having”, he says.

The survey results are presented with pedagogical graphs which show how the organization is feeling. These are then used as a baseline when the work situation is discussed at Quinyx during staff meetings. 

”I think that the employees perceive it as positive that we have this transparency and that we address it at our meetings. If we have implemented an initiative that the staff don’t like, we find out and are able to talk through it”, Erik Fjellborg says.

At Quinyx, the answers are used to build a corporate culture where employees thrives.

”We work hard to have satisfied employees. It sounds like a cliché, it might be what all companies say, but we really do try to find out what we can do to create an environment where people thrive. They are our greatest asset and the ones who drive the entire company forward”, Erik Fjellborg says.

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