Brace yourself. Summer is coming.

Most people associate summer with time off for some serious vacationing. For some it’s a distant mirage full of promises, while others feel like it’s about to hit them like a fright train. No matter the perspective, we’ve gathered a few concrete tips on how to get ready.

1. Gear down

To maximize your recovery during the vacation and get in the zen-zone from day 1, you need to prepare and gear down, starting today. A first step is to prioritize your to-do list; what needs to be done before you check out and what can, in all honesty, wait until you’re back? Be brutal. If everything ends up on top of the list - read this guide.

2. Digital detox plan

Have a frank discussion with your manager: When do you actually need to be available and when can you practice radio silence? The goal is to plan for a few periods of time when you can be completely disconnected. The smallest of triggers will move your mind to the office with the speed of light. If you do need to be available at some point, thrive to set a delimited timeframe. On. Off.

3. Do nothing, you should.

In this productivity focused society it practically takes Jedi skills to do nothing at all. But don’t feel intimidated. Cast away you efficiency fixation and do stuff really, really slowly during your vacation. And when you’re fully skilled in this practice, read a book about how your brain activity actually increases when you chill-out.

4. Welcome back me!

If you’ve done well in step 3 - your post vacation self will be someone else completely; slow mind, forgetting all essential codes, people and plans. So do your future self a service and write a welcome back letter in which you kindly remind yourself of what needs to be done. To get on top of things, you need space, so don’t book any meetings the first couple of days. You won’t be there mentally anyway.

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Caroline Fjellner

Caroline Fjellner

It’s all about people. That's why I love watching our company grow – the more the merrier. When not busy cultivating &frankly, I spend time on cultural cultivating; movies, food, radio (severe P1 addiction), books, etc.

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