Being an employee ambassador

Are you really happy with your job? Then you're probably already an employee ambassador. Here are things you can do to support your organization's employer brand.

Be active on social media

Being active on social media is a simple thing you can do to boost your employer's brand. You can simply share your company's own social media updates with your network or write your own updates. You could write about what you've been working on, share milestones, or introduce new colleagues. You can also promote inclusion by publicly giving kudos to your colleagues. This is a great way to promote your employer indirectly. Anything you do on social media is similar to a testimonial by a customer and can directly affect your employer's brand.


Be a mindful networker

No matter if attending social events is part of your role description or you only find yourself at a gathering occasionally, by not just standing in a corner but instead actively talking to people you show a positive attitude. People will likely remember your friendliness the next time your employer hits the news. "Ah, I talked to their Marketing Manager at a conference. She was really nice." Kindness sticks and can go a long way in building employer brand awareness. 


Demonstrate your knowledge

Do you know a lot about the products your organisation sells or how they fit into the industry? Share this type of knowledge when you meet new people or are talking to friends. A very knowledgable employee is a happy employee, so just by demonstrating what you know, you show you care about your job and the company on a deeper level. 


Promote ambassadorship internally

You can be an employee ambassador by simply promoting the benefits of boosting your employer to colleagues. Educate them about how this can help in terms of employer branding, helping you find awesome new colleagues. You could even go as far as asking your managers to help you understand the products and company vision even better so you can represent the organisation on your own.


Are you an employee ambassador at your company? Maybe you already recognise some of the behaviours mentioned in this article. Hopefully you're happy with your workplace and can use this guide to promote it.

Nicole Michaelis

Nicole Michaelis

Nicole is a writer and strategist with a passion for engagement.

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