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Nicole is a writer and strategist with a passion for engagement.
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Being an employee ambassador

Written by Nicole Michaelis, March 07 2019

Are you really happy with your job? Then you're probably already an employee ambassador. Here are things you can do to support your organization's employer brand. Be active on social media Being active on social media is a simple thing you can do to boost your employer's brand. You can simply share your company's own social media updates with your network or write your own updates. You could write about what you've been working on, share milestones, or introduce new colleagues. You can also promote inclusion by publicly giving kudos to your colleagues. This is a great way to promote your employer indirectly. Anything you do on social media is similar to a testimonial by a customer and can directly affect your employer's brand. Read more  

Tackle stress in your team

Written by Nicole Michaelis, February 13 2019

This is how you can prevent stress in your team Are you managing a team? Great! There probably is a lot on your plate and this is why we want to help you manage one of the biggest tasks you may be facing: ensuring a sustainable workload for your team.  Read more