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Caroline Fjellner

It’s all about people. That's why I love watching our company grow – the more the merrier. When not busy cultivating &frankly, I spend time on cultural cultivating; movies, food, radio (severe P1 addiction), books, etc.
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How to foster positive responses

Written by Caroline Fjellner, November 25 2016

At a bus stop somewhere in Sweden, I observe in passing two acquaintances meet. The atmosphere seems to be slightly stiff, the conversation a bit rushed and the perceived distance between them huge. Similar exchanges are happening every day. At the checkout in the supermarket, at social events, in the gym, everywhere. And the workplace is not an exception. For how do you build a relationship without an ongoing communication? Read more  

How to manage your relationships at work

Written by Caroline Fjellner, October 05 2016

According to Deloitte's report (Global Human Capital Trends 2016) Employee Engagement is in place 4 on the top 10 list of global HR trends. It is considered crucial for the company's continued success, according to 48% of the respondents. But despite the understanding of its relevance increases, the definition is still a little fuzzy. Employee Engagement, or employee commitment, is surrounded by a lot of different interpretations and descriptions. Read more  

7 Deadly Sins of Employee Engagement Surveys

Written by Caroline Fjellner, September 07 2016

What are the 7 deadly sins of employee engagement surveys. Read more about how to avoid the traps, become successful, and trigger employee engagement! Read more  

Brace yourself. Summer is coming.

Written by Caroline Fjellner, September 07 2016

Most people associate summer with time off for some serious vacationing. For some it’s a distant mirage full of promises, while others feel like it’s about to hit them like a fright train. No matter the perspective, we’ve gathered a few concrete tips on how to get ready. Read more