At Middlepoint, employee engagement means everything

Happy employees, satisfied customers and good profitability. Middlepoint has created a business entirely based on employee engagement.

What makes you proud of your job? Community and confirmation? Stimulating tasks? A clear purpose? Those are just a few of the most common reasons. And Middlepoint is one of the companies that’s succeeded particularly well in promoting employee engagement. With an eNPS of 40, they truly stand out from the crowd.

“Our employees are engaged in exactly the same way they would be if the company was their own. There’s an enormous amount of passion, motivation and concern about the company”, says CEO Pontus Esbo.

The chances of you meeting one of Middlepoint's employees are quite high. At least if you check in at a Swedish corporate reception desk or visit the information point in a shopping Centre. Because it’s Middlepoint that staffs many of these. The vast majority of their employees are young people for whom this is their very first real job. Another common denominator is that they are all passionate about service and have a strong desire to develop. And it’s exactly this that Middlepoint looks for when they recruit.

“There’s no disadvantage in not having done this kind of job before. Because they really want to learn and we can coach them for a specific assignment”, says Thomasine Grönstedt, business area manager for shopping centers.

Inside many organizations there is a clear link between happy employees, satisfied customers and a profitable business.

“We’re no exception. We have a high eNPS, cNPS and good profitability”, says Pontus Esbo, who is convinced that the key is to create a good employee experience, even for people not offered jobs at Middlepoint.

“We ask everyone who’s been here for an interview but wasn’t offered a job whether they’d recommend us, and we have a ‘Recruitment NPS’ of 25. And we’re really proud of this, because it says a lot about what we believe: being professional through and through, and valuing personal encounters”, says Pontus Esbo.

How to get a high eNPS – 3 tips from Pontus Esbo

  1. Be transparent and responsive to your employees’ wishes for development.
  2. Make sure your employees are a natural part of your company’s development – make room for engagement.
  3. All managers must have high levels of presence and accessibility.

Being present often, ‘out on site’ and visiting employees during their everyday work is important to the managers at Middlepoint. Because employees are spread over large parts of the country, for a year now they’ve been using &frankly. Primarily to continue to ‘take the pulse’ of the employees.

“We work with quarterly pulses, where we have a mixture of our own questions and questions from &frankly’s library. We also do temperature reading across a range of themes. Because our employees work for other brands, the questions are clearly formulated to relate to their role with Middlepoint”, says Tomasine Grönstedt.

The management team goes through the results from the measurements with the relevant business area manager, who in turn communicates them with their team. Being able to quickly follow up the results is essential.

“Traditional measurements often end with ‘what happens next?’. There are very few workplaces that are good at providing feedback on survey results to employees. With &frankly, this works in a totally different way. And we’re really transparent and show everyone what the reality is and what our actions will be”, says Pontus Esbo.

Vilma Hargeus works as a receptionist at multiple companies– what’s known as a ‘flexare’ – for Middlepoint. Being a ‘flexare’ mean that from one day to another she can change workplace. She thinks &frankly works well and that the questions are concrete and relevant to her tasks. Answering is fast and she appreciates the free text function.

“At our team meetings, we always follow up the results and talk about why things are as they are. Based on this we can decide how to do things differently”, she says, explaining that feedback is one of the reasons why Middlepoint is special.

“For example, if you want more responsibility or new tasks, they're really good at capturing this. There’s an openness in the culture and they really want to help me develop”, says Vilma Hargeus.

This is Middlepoint

  • Active within: Facility management.
  • Number of employees: 85.
  • Customers (selection): Nacka Forum, Täby C, Gallerian, Mobilia in Malmö, SolnaPort and a number of properties in Kista and Sundbyberg, together with lots of corporate reception desks in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
  • eNPS: 40.
  • cNPS: 50.
  • Recruitment NPS: 25.

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