At Ellevio, employee engagement is everyone's responsibilty

Happy employees are the key to happy customers. Ellevio is sure of this. But managers aren’t the only ones who are responsible for employee satisfaction and, of course, employee engagement. Everybody has an equally important role when it comes to driving engagement. 

Do you like going to work? A question that may seem random, but in fact is vital when it comes to creating a valuable, sustainable work culture. Ellevio has seen great effects by continuously asking employees questions like the one above. There’s a strong connection between satisfied employees and satisfied customers. The key is to drive engagement in order to trigger behavioural change. 
Johan Ribrant and Kristina Tidner share why discussing &frankly’s results is important and how &frankly helped their employees take more responsibility for their happiness at work.

English subtitles available.

This is Ellevio:
• Sweden's biggest electricity provider.
• Provides over 900,000 customers with electricity.
• Has around 400 employees.
Do you want to know how your organisation in particular can work with engagement to trigger behaviour change?
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