Product update: Actions speak louder than words

Make it easier to reach your goals with our new feature.

The ultimate goal for any leader is to see their team succeed, right? The path to success can, however, get sidetracked due to meetings, ongoing projects, and administrative tasks. To meet the needs of busy leaders, we want to offer a tool where action is made easy and accessible. This is why we have developed a new feature where you as a leader can work with your results without having to reinvent the wheel. Soon all of our customers will have a selection of suggested actions to choose from in their &frankly dashboard. The suggested actions in your dashboard will be tailored to your specific needs, as they are set up to align with your previously asked questions. 

1. Why have we added this feature?
With actions we want to help you as a manager to take a relevant step based on the topic of the question you have asked. 

2. How can I work with Actions in practice?
Actions will be shown to you based on the type of question you have in your dashboard, which you find on your start page. All our questions that are tagged with one of our seven drivers of employee engagement, will automatically get an action assigned to them. That also includes your own questions.
You find actions directly in your dashboard.

A started action will provide you with all details you need. 
3. Actions are categorized into sizes of small, medium, and large 
Choose the size based on how much time and resources you can dedicate to this area of work. It is there to guide you on how you can more precisely decide on which action to pick depending on how prioritised the subject is and how much time you can dedicate to a specific task.

4. Actions have a suggested deadline
Once an action is activated it will also give you a suggested timeframe on when the action should be completed. With this function it will be easier for you to prioritize your different tasks. Engagement is like  brushing your teeth, it may not cause you toothache today if you miss out on doing it, but in the long run it’s best to do it a little everyday. However, if you by any chance wouldn’t make it until the deadline, you will find your chosen action under “expired”, and can then easily reactivate it. Once finished and marked as complete, you will find it among your other finished actions, under “completed”, where you can find a nice overview of all the great things you have already made. Maybe it can serve as a reminder to how far you’ve come or as a carrot to reach a certain number of actions?
5. What now?
We are working on making this experience as smooth for all of our customers as possible and are more than open for any feedback to improve your experience. We are rolling out this new feature for a test audience. If you would be interested in trying the new feature, please contact us at:
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Product Update

Caroline Fjellner

Caroline Fjellner

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