7 Deadly Sins of Employee Engagement Surveys

What are the 7 deadly sins of employee engagement surveys. Read more about how to avoid the traps, become successful, and trigger employee engagement!


Grand belief in management’s abilities to define questions for the entire company. It’s almost impossible to define a sharp question set that’s equally relevant to all entities of the company. Nobody knows the team as well as the teams themselves. Leverage that, and let the team customize their own questions, allowing them to pin point their specific challenges and ambitions.


Avoidance of the work it takes to revise your employee survey set-up. The world around us is changing faster than ever before, which implies high expectations on an organisation's ability to adapt. Many companies feel locked in by a rigid survey set-up. With a more agile tool, you’ll be able to to tweak the frequency, content and respondents based on changing conditions.


Only allowing people to make their voice heard once a year. The result of yearly employee surveys is often skewed by outside circumstances, organisational change or simply the fact that an employee is having a bad day. Continuous pulsing will make sure you capture the ups and downs among employees. The trending results enable a more proactive approach; nip challenges in the bud, and surf on positive waves. Giving your employees a permanent platform to make their voice heard, and proving you listen, will trigger a dialog and and increase trust.


Desire for other companies’ employee KPIs. Comparing yourselves to others (such as industry benchmarks for employee engagement survey results) might be useful occasionally. But don’t get too busy reaching for certain KPI. At the end of the day, it’s all about the dialog the survey triggers and the change following that, not the figure itself.


Excessive hunger for analysis and data crunching. Most employee survey reports land on the desk of top management, who take their time discussing and analysing the result before distributing it. We salute transparency and offering real time reporting on all levels in the organisation. Giving teams and employees direct access to their results encourages personal ownership. Remember, sharing is caring.


Growing employee frustration from long, repetitive and tedious surveys. The traditional survey design fails to appeal respondents on an emotional level, and it’s often hard work getting people to fill them out. It's a challenge for most employees to set aside 20-30 minutes at a time. Instead, spread it out and offer a survey design that makes people smile.


Extreme craving for pleasure. This in never a sin in our book. We’re all for more pleasure and lust at work.

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