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Sentiment analysis - new function launched in &frankly

Written by Sandra Danielsson, April 12 2023

Sentiment Analysisfunction is launched in &frankly. Now it will be easierthanever for HR and managers to quicklycompile the answers from the open-endedquestions and capturehiddeninsights/sentiments thatcan get lost in questionswithfixedanswer options.  Read more  

Spot your strengths and weaknesses with Engagement Radar

Written by Kristofer Sandberg, August 26 2022

From simple and flexible – to easier than ever. Thanks to Engagement Radar, increased engagement is just a click away. – This suits anyone who would like to get started quickly with a verified model, says Caroline Fjellner at &frankly. Read more  

Whistle-blower feature in &frankly: ”A natural step”

Written by Kristofer Sandberg, October 08 2021

On December 17th a new legislation about  the protection of whistle-blowers will be enacted. As a customer and user of &frankly you will soon be able to use our whistle-blower function. Read more  

Dormy increased engagement and broke sales records

Written by Kristofer Sandberg, December 17 2020

Dormy has had an intense year and broken sales records. But the golf boom has put a lot of pressure on department stores and e-commerce. The employees have had to carry a heavy load at times. Despite this, engagement has increased. Read more  

New! More flexibility and deeper insights

Written by Peder Nordvaller, November 19 2020

At &frankly, your continued success is our top priority. That is why we are constantly listening to feedback from our customers in order to better support HR managers and leaders with the tools they need to drive engagement. How do we keep the support coming? As with pulsed surveys, there is tremendous power in small changes. That is why we are excited to tell you about some critical but incremental improvements that could greatly improve your day-to-day. Read more  

Hearts and minds the key to  Sabis employee engagement strategy

Written by Kristofer Sandberg, November 03 2020

Sabis is a rare bird. Despite fierce competition from ICA, Coop and Axfood, they continue to go their own way – a path where relationships and values ​​outweigh numbers. How is that? And what is the secret behind their high eNPS? – We think long-term and live as we learn, says Ingalill Szabela, HR manager. Read more  

Byggmax invested in managers and increased engagement

Written by Kristofer Sandberg, September 28 2020

Four years ago Byggmax made a major investment in managers.This investment has shown clear results with increased profitability and high employee engagement. "Our leadership is about being an enabler and constantly learning", says Marcus Essesjö, Swedish manager. Read more  

New! Drive company best practices at scale with Custom Actions

Written by Peder Nordvaller, August 30 2020

At &frankly, we aim to support HR managers and leaders in going from insight to action to truly drive engagement. Since every organization, team and individual is unique, doing this with the highest degree of success demands being as relevant as you can to meet the needs of your own organization. That's why we are now introducing Custom Actions! Read more  

New! Deep dive into your employee data with Segments

Written by Peder Nordvaller, May 22 2020

At &frankly, we want to support HR managers and leaders to go from insight to action to truly drive engagement. With our new segmentation feature, we bring even more insights to the table.  Read more  

New! Heatmap – get an instant temperature check of your organization

Written by Caroline Fjellner, May 07 2020

Do you as a leader want instant visual feedback? With heatmap, you can easily identify which teams are doing well and which ones need more attention – all in one display. Read more