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The employee reflected daily, you can never guess what happened next…

Personal development The employee made reflection a daily habit - you can never guess what happened next… Full speed ahead! That's a typical day at work for most people nowadays. The opportunities to reflect and think about where we’re heading are few, even though most of us know it’s important. Research from Harvard Business [...]

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Manage polyamorous relationships at work

Employee engagement How to manage polyamorous relationships at work According to Deloitte's report (Global Human Capital Trends 2016) Employee Engagement is in place 4 on the top 10 list of global HR trends. It is considered crucial for the company's continued success, according to 48% of the respondents. But despite the understanding of its [...]

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7 Deadly Sins of employer surveys

Pride Grand belief in management’s abilities to define questions for the entire company. It’s almost impossible to define a sharp question set that’s equally relevant to all entities of the company. Nobody knows the team as well as the team themselves. Leverage that, and let the team customize their own questions, allowing them [...]

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Brace yourself. Summer is coming – Vacation preparation

Most people associate summer with time off for some serious vacationing. For some it’s a distant mirage full of promises, while other feel like it’s about to hit them like a fright train. No matter the perspective, we’ve gathered a few concrete tips on how to get ready.   1. Gear down To [...]

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