We are &frankly

A passionate group of people on a mission to put more smiles on people's workplaces
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How it began

Why we exist

&frankly was founded on the beliefs that every individual deserves to be in a workplace that's defined by wellbeing and engagement. 

Today we are an international group of engagement specialists, developers, designers, data engineers, marketers and sales people that strive to build the best tool to drive engagement and positive change in your workplace every day. 

All for the mission to put more smiles on people's workplaces. 

Our foundation

What we believe in

There are a few basic beliefs that are the foundation of our product and that guide us in our everyday work. We believe in:

...the power of small changes
Continuous change in small portions make big changes over time.
...the capacity of every individual
A bottoms-up approach will empower the individual to a
greater extent than top-down.
...one size does not fit all
People nor organisations are standard, and thus a
standardized approach does not create the greatest value for
your business or your people.

Join us

Do you share our beliefs?

We are always looking for new people to join forces with that share our beliefs. Whether you are interested in becoming a customer, joining our growing partner network or would like to share your precious talent with us, we would love it if you got in touch!
Torsgatan 13

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We are based in the heart of Stockholm at Torsgatan 13, 111 23 Stockholm. 

Give us a call on +46 737 47 30 87 or email hello@andfrankly.com

Are you a customer and want support? Please email help@andfrankly.com or visit our FAQ page.