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Responsive leadership

Be more proactive about the current state of things

The environment changes every minute and it is important to keep ahead of how your team and organization are doing. Being able to act quickly in rapidly changing conditions is critical in order to succeed. With & frankly you can.

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Take the pulse of your team's ability to collaborate remotely

With our latest pulse measurement "Collaborate from a distance" you can quickly capture the employees' experience.
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Drive change

Bring employees together and move towards your objective

Continuously working with engagement enables you, as a manager and an employee, to create change in small steps. A constant forward motion which involves all parts of the organisation. With &frankly you can:

  • Work strategically with change
  • Trigger behaviour which is in line with your vision and objective to strengthen your culture

Insights in real time

Take the pulse of your organization

Being able to make the right decision at the right time requires that you understand all parts of your organization. &frankly enables you to take the pulse of your team in real time and act proactively. You will also be able to take pleasure in the fact that:

  • Your employees will stay for longer
  • Your sickness figures will decrease
  • You will become more attractive as an employer



Happy customers

Thousands of managers and HR-leaders in both startups as well as multinational companies already use &frankly to drive employee engagement.

Increase engagement

The manager's handbook for engagement in the workplace

Download our engagement guide where we introduce you to the seven most important drivers of higher engagement in the workplace. You will also learn how you as a manager can access the power of each individual employee.
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